BGP 4761 is ‘hijacked’ or [human Error?]

Do you still remember AS4761 ‘hijacked’, it is an AS number that belongs to one of the biggest Service Provider (SP) in Indonesia? all users did not get signal in their mobile phone. All customers were not get access to to Internet via this SP. All data, voice and etc that belong to this SP is down, starting from 01:27 till 07:45, April 3, 2014. And I was there 🙂

I checked it that I could access Internet around 07:45.

What is really happens? After Internet come back around 07:45. I trace on Cisco ACS server and found some users who logged in to some Core networks and did some configuration. The AAA server was ‘reporting’ to me, what, who, when and how he did think last night? Finally I found what and why the 4761 down.

I think, everyone has ever done as he did: Misconfiguration.

Some policies and BGP attributes & redistribution into another IGP or EGP are often done by Network Engineer or Network Administrator at least in the simulation or lab. I really do not blame him, it was an accident that everyone can get.

From perspective SP, it is about money. They was loss so much money.

From technical perspective, let me show you the configuration [another post] even though I don’t understand the syntax.

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