VMware Certification: VCP6 Delta Exam

Last week, I took VCP6 exam with voucher provided by VMware Authorized Training Partner. I chose 2V0-621D (Delta Exam). After several days, I did not receive VCP6 certificate. Then I ask training partner and she open a case to vmware. VMware answered tha Delta Exam will not qualify to get VCP6 and exam taker should take 2V0-621 because Delta exam is only used by whom hold VCP.

I asked vmware 3 things:

  1. Why my voucher is accepted for Delta Exam?
  2. Why VMware does not recognize who has VCP or not, then everyone who does not have VCP certificate, he will not be able to take Delta Exam. You still remember programming logic? If (….) then (….) elseif (….) then.
  3. if someone passed Delta exam, but he did not get certificate then Delta Exam (pass) is useless. How come?